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土曜日, 4月 01, 2006

I apologize for the absolute delay of posts. Maintaining one blog has been much work already let alone two. If you want a more updated blog (with an updating rate of at least once a day believe me), visit killer-jock.livejournal.com . Again, my apologies for the trouble.

Jetlag and a Tequila Drunkfest

Okay so I'm not in Manila! Just arrived in Tacloban a few hours ago, complete with jetlag after such an uber-delayed flight (blame the airport control for huge air traffic). For a few days we'll be stuck here before going to Hilongos to visit whatever there. We'll be here for one week, I think, before going to Cebu for some real fun. Haha yii!^^

I so love Cebu. Okay, so it's practically not so far as a comparison to Manila - practically the same amount of traffic, same amount of noise, and maybe the same amount of stress. But everytime I hang around Uptown Cebu, I feel relaxed. Yes, Uptown Cebu. Imagine Eastwood, Ayala, The Fort, and Rockwell all combined into one place, with probably one thing different - it's practically cheap. Well, not too cheap, but for the atmosphere that you get to enjoy here, it's definitely mucho cheapo.

Well, there's still one week to go before Cebu. It's also good that we're here in Leyte to get away from a bit of civilization. There's nothing like sheer nature to get your brain cells get recharged. It's here that I got ideas for some music video concepts that I want, and hopefully even my more academic brain gets recharged here. Ponyeta I need to recharge.

When I come back to Manila I'll definitely wizen up a bit and give studies much concern for a while. Can't stay like this all the time, I need to do better. Yes, I'm doing enough, but not enough to give me a college scholar status. That I want to achieve. At least for once I can prove myself in UP Diliman.

For now I'll give myself time to recharge.

火曜日, 3月 21, 2006

Erhm... Vacation? What vacation?

Today's supposedly our last day of classes, but then again, we all know that this IS UP after all. So yeah, brain-drain 'til April Fools'. Glory be.

I have no damn idea on the schedule of hearings in the Supreme Court nor the Sandiganbayan for Proclamation 1017. Yes, I am supposed to attend the hearings and no, I haven't left my Institute to shift to Law School. Yet. Okay, so maybe I don't know what I am doing right now, but hey, this is fun.

Everyone says that I should just go to Law School. Even my parents are convinced that I should forget about Medicine and become a god-damn lawyer. I think otherwise. I hate Law. Okay, not particularly Law, but I hate being a lawyer. You get to defend your client whether or not you already know that he is absolutely guilty without reasonable doubt, and of course, that is just stupid. Not to mention that I hate debates (or at least I think I do).

Okay so writing this doesn't bring out any point. I really like to become a doctor, a medical practitioner at that. But recent events also show that I am also apt to become a lawyer. Haha. Blessed be! Can't I just be both? =)

One thing's clear on my mind right now: I will definitely push through with Medicine and become a medical doctor. As for the Law part, I'll still think about it. I enjoy being a political analyst, but being a lawyer might be too much for me.

Moving along...

The band I'm handling right now, Snow Magnet, will be performing together with other bands such as Quadra (the band Ian's managing) and 18th Issue, at the Center of Arts in Timog, Quezon City on the 30th of March, Thursday. Tickets are priced at 100pesos each, which includes one beer. So if you guys are available that night, come and join us that night. Or at least buy a ticket, kahit for charity lang haha whut. It would be fun, so yeah. GO GO GO!!!

金曜日, 1月 06, 2006

Backing out from insanity

Holidays have just ended and it is rather funny how professors can still remain heartless even after all that "Peace on Earth" hoo-hah last Christmas. Imagine me having to work my ass off in the middle of the Christmas festivities for my Formal Report in Chemistry. Okay fine, I did do the same formal report during my first take of the class (good thing they required us to do the same Formal Report for this sem hehe), but the calculations is what got to me. Spent the whole Christmas computing activation energies and rate laws!!! Argh!

Well, so much for Christmas. Kjwan gig last December 26th somehow made up for it anyway (or at least I thought it did. Hehe). Mucho thanks to my big brother Marc for that wonderful gift for Christmas! Promise I'll wear that one during our next gig (to prove to you at least how much I risked life and limb for that hehe joke). Thank you bro!^^

Anyway, worse part of it was that the very thing that our Chemistry professor would give us upon returning from vacation was a nasty quiz. Brain cells still singing "Chestnuts roasting on an open fire..." when you realize that it's not chestnuts that's being roasted.

It's you.


Riding the bus this afternoon made me realize the absolute purpose of MP3 players. Yes, those small piece of technology that allows you to store a number of songs for you to be able to play over and over and over and over (and over and over and over...) for the whole day. My brother was able to save for one during his birthday (damn daily expenses can't help me save even a single cent); considering its price I didn't give a damn about it (anything that goes beyond 100pesos is expensive to my count). Now I realize that I absolutely need to get one.

Commuting home from UP is usually not a big problem - not unless if the driver is playing that blasted radio that's stuck to that nasty radio station (overuse of the word "that": I should get killed for this). You come home from school absolutely stressed and the last thing you'd ever want to hear is some neuro-psychotic brat saying in that oh-so-annoying voice "Kelangan pa ba i-memorize yan? (Do [we] still have to memorize that?)". And it follows that everything that you hear from that blasted radio station is crap. In other words, goodbye sanity, hello brain damage.

Having absolutely nothing to keep my ears shut (it is so unhealthy to be putting microtest tubes in your ear canal, believe me), I decided to take the risk and bear with it for a nerve-wrecking hour. Of course I have to control myself from twitching like hell; seeing me do that would probably be horrifying to the other passengers. I was at the brink of insanity when I got to look at my seatmate, who to my horror seems to be enjoying the music, complete with headbanging and all. I was about to bring out my trusty katana to cut off her head when a sudden sigh of relief overpowered me.

She was listening to her mp3 player.

I should really get one.

土曜日, 12月 10, 2005

Discussions of the Intellectual Mind

I got to hook into the "Supreme Dominatrix of the Universe" Jessica Zafra's personal blog, which, I might add, have been included in the Links section on my blog for other INTELLIGENT MINDS to read. Thanks Carol for that tip. Okay, so I nearly jumped off my seat in excitement when Carol told me Zafra's blogspot account. Sue me for not having read Zafra's works for a long time - blame it to my busy schedule. But reading her works makes my brain cells work too much I can't help it but sound intellectual.

Can't believe that even with the limitations of the internet, Zafra still sounds as interesting as if we were reading from her books. The only problem with her blog is that I can't lie down on my bed and twist and turn as I laugh over her cynical writings that range from cussing politicians to world domination. The good thing about her blog is the free space for discussions through comments. You read other people's sympathies, rants, appraisals, and cussings from the Prima Donna herself.

I got hooked into Zafra's blog immediately after opening it. Incredibly, this is practically the first blog that I've seen so updated (with entries dated as present sa December 9, 2005, not to mention an update rate of one entry per day). And you really have to marvel with her diligence to update - we're talking about blog entries the size of the People's Republic of China. Yes, when she updates, it's as if she has written another entry for one of her Twisted series, only that now you have an entry for every day of the year.

Of course, I can't sound like an absolute fanatic, else I'd see her brandishing her broadsword at me (have mercy on ye underling, oh supreme Prime Ribness!). Still, I would like to express my congratulations to Jessica Zafra for a job absolutely well done (as opposed to well-done, which points to the doneness of the roast beef I am about to eat) to her one and only blog. Now I'll continue collecting her works, and hope that I'd get all of it signed and realize that she is TRULY not meant for pink.

Too powerless for world domination? I definitely don't think so.

金曜日, 12月 09, 2005

'Tis the season to be gigging...

First and foremost, I'd like to give everyone celebrating their birthdays this December a happy happy birthday! There's my brother who celebrated his yesterday, December 8, then there's my mom who celebrate hers today (happy birthday!) and, coincidentally, there's kuya Pochoy who celebrates his birthday today as well! Yii!!! Happy birthday kuya Pochy! Yikee manlilibre na yan!!! Woohoo!!!^^

It's only days 'til school ends for Christmas vacation. Of course, I'm trying to make the best of the remaining "allowance-producing" days by going to gigs and Christmas parties galore. Haha! So far here are the gigs that I plan on going to:

Dec. 11 - Kjwan gig at Festival Carpark Alabang (haay Z... memories...^^)
Dec. 14 - Dicta gig at PLM (Bandfest spearheaded by Joy's sorority... This event will most likely to be MBE's Christmas Party hahahaha!^^)
also on Dec. 14 - Cryola gig at Temple Bar, Greenbelt (also a Xmas Party for Dicta, Kjwan and Spongecola listers yii!!)
Dec. 15 - RT Sunday Sessions Anniversary Party, Rack's El Pueblo (Kjwan and Dicta will be performing, not to mention for a fact that classes in UP end on this day, so we're actually considering this as our actual Christmas Party haha! Exchange gifts galore man!^^)
Dec. 17 - Dicta gig at Glorietta Park (Tower Records Christmas Party. This time I'm bringing with me my orgmates for a night-out haha!^^)

So yeah expenses galore ampucha! Haha! But yeah it's season to be rejoicing so party party party!!!

And just got news from Mensa Philippines. We'll be watching the Pyro Olympics at Macapagal Blvd in Pasay on December 29. I'm inviting everyone to come. ^^

水曜日, 12月 07, 2005

Christmas Wishlist

1. a Pentium IV laptop (preferably the one using a Japanese Windows XP server, so that in any case may magnakaw, they won't have any damn idea how to use it haha)

2. an MP3 player. At least I'll have something to listen to during class. Hehe.

3. a digital camera. I badly need a camera. Seriously.

4. a new Motorola C651 phone (or at least something of the same caliber). Okay, so I miss my wonderful cellphone. Blame me for allowing to have it snatched leche. Basta. Knowing the wonderful features that phone has, it's no wonder why I absolutely miss that God-forsaken phone.

5. a white Mazda RX-7 Type FC3S. My absolute dream car. Haha.

6. 10,000++ pesos to be deposited in my bank account.

7. a new Fender electric guitar. Just like kuya Boogie's.

8. scholarship to Japan. Either to Waseda or Meiji Gakuin, or better yet, TOUDAI!!!

9. scholarship for Japanese Med School. Forever dream ko po ito haha.

10. a complete set of new wardrobe. Seryoso, I need a major clothing make-over.

11. brand new medical supplies. Brand new set of surgical scissors, scalpels, the works! And yeah, I need a new medical bag.

12. in addition to the medical supplies, I want a brand new lab gown A.K.A. "doctor's coat". Haha. I want it long, about 2 inches below the knee long. Haha.

13. a wooden samurai sword. My dad promised me this one, so siguro kalimutan niyo na lang ito. Buy me an authentic kodachi instead, in case I ever decide to perform Harakiri.

14. my own apartment, complete with furnishings and shit. Haha rockstar lifestyle!!!

15. my own personal secretary. Wahahahahaha.

16. whole year supply of Chocnut. Hehe.

17. a dozen Pilot G-Tec 0.4 gelpens. Let's just call this a "writer's obsession".

18. a girlfriend. Seryoso I need a lovelife na haha.

19. a job. Okay, so I already have MBE (yeah right). Pero seriously, I want a job. If you can get me to work in NU107 or MTV (as in the paying job, hindi lang yung mga pinaggagagawa ko ngayon haha) or in any hospital around the metro (kahit doctor's assistant lang), promise bestfriends na tayo. Haha.

20. an honorary membership in a prestigious fraternity. So I'm rather not fond of having myself get black and blue just to be a member. Still, I am actually considering of joining a fraternity (or a confraternity at that, just like with Benette's case). So if anyone can get me to be a member of a fraternity without me having to visit the Great Light for evern a second, sobrang bestfriends na tayo. Haha.

and last...

21. a 1.5 in ALL of my current subjects (so I can be proud of myself again for once. Haha).